contact Patient Focus at 01 885 1611

We know from experience that full resolution is not always possible. It also means we will tell you if we believe answers can be found even if you find that hard to believe.

Our aim will be to speak with you soon as possible after your first contact us.. Usually we will take your details and one of our advocates will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.  We know how difficult it is for many people to make this first approach. Sometimes it takes great courage .  We respect that. We also know that sometimes you may need a break from us as you come to tell of your experiences. We will respect that too.

We focus on your most appropriate needs

Your needs may be simply assistance with obtaining our medical records or as complex as assisting you with getting answers regarding the issues that worry you. This could include supporting you with arranging and attending meetings  with hospitals. We will also support you by attending inquests, medical council or other regulatory hearings. Where you wish we can accompany you to court cases about your experience.

The contacts our advocates have with you will be as short or as long as necessary as we jointly address the issues you raise. We won’t give you advice. Rather we will provide you with support to follow through with achieving a resolution that works for you. This will include, where possible, putting you in touch with professionals who will advise you.

However it is important to say that Patient Focus is not an emergency service.

Patient Focus also provides Advocacy, Information, and guidance in Making Complaints services to it’s clients and their families. Clink on the links for detailed information on each heading.