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Primarily we provide a point of contact and support direct to a patient and their family by:

  • Ready access by telephone/fax/email
  • A full independent advocacy service under the patient‚Äôs direction,
  • Attending meetings with patients/clients and/or families
  • Supporting families at Inquests/Court hearings etc.
  • Gathering and discussing documentation
  • Maintaining contact with the patient/client and/or family throughout the process until resolution is achieved

In addition to thus work we seek to highlight and improve the wider wellbeing of patients through the following actions.

Dialogue with Regulatory Bodies

We engage in regular dialogue on Patient Safety issues with Service Providers, Professional Colleges and Institutions, Staff Representative Organisations and the Regulatory Bodies such as the HSE, hospitals, other institutions and voluntary groups or individuals involved in health-related service provision.

Highlighting Deficencies

Patient Focus strives to ensure that evident service deficiencies are highlighted within the service, so that future patients will benefit from active risk reduction/management. We try to increase awareness throughout society and specifically amongst healthcare service providers about the patient’s perspectives of healthcare as we understand it. This includes our involvement in the education of providers at many levels, also participation in conferences, seminars and similar meetings, and publicising our activities through the media.

We are also available to societal groups and/or their representatives reflecting persons with special health needs. As a matter of principle, we undertake to uphold the confidentiality of all personal information, and to make access to our services as simple as circumstances allow.

Political Level Communication

Patient Focus keeps an open communication with the Political system through Oireachtas members, Local Councillors, Political Parties and others in order to influence policies relating to healthcare.

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