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Our ethos is to place the patient, their family and their story and at beginning, middle and end of our work.

We go at the patient’s or their families pace and distance, no faster and no further. It is the patient and often grieving family who makes the decisions, writes the letters goes to meetings with our support. It is their unique voice that speaks and is heard. This approach helps understanding and dialogue with providers of that care and results in resolution for the patient and also for the professionals involved. This is what promotes healing, healthy learning and change. We are pleased that the HSE has helped us financially to achieve this since 2003. The HSE has recognised how positive this dialogue can be for all concerned

Patient Focus understands medicine can be dangerous and can cause life changing injuries or even preventable deaths to too many people and their families.  

We know in these situations patients and their families are often feel like outsiders in the system designed to care for them. The injured patient’s or family’s story is often chaotic and may need untangling before recovery can happen. For us a safe place to tell your story at your own pace and in your own way is what matters. This means honouring the dignity and integrity of your story. It means understanding your vulnerability as you engage in questioning sometimes even your deeply held beliefs and assumptions. It means supporting you as you as you question institutions, managers, professionals and as you possibly engage with reviews, investigations, coroners’ inquests or even court hearings during legal cases. At all times your wishes and choices will be central. We will be open, candid and genuine as we support you. 

Confidentiality is fundamental to our ethos. We will not share your personal data with anyone without your specific instruction.

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