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Patient Focus supports and advocates on behalf of people and their families who have been hurt by the healthcare system.  Far too many people are injured or even die as a result of medical accidents that could be avoided if patient safety was more central to the planning, financing and delivery of health care.  

It is generally recognised internationally that 10% of hospital patients experience an “adverse event” in modern health care. That is our niche.  Historically within all healthcare systems these patients went unacknowledged. Thankfully this culture is changing. Health care providers have moved from a profound fear of encouraging patients’ complaints to a modern policy of open disclosure.  Patient Safety is increasingly more central to the planning, delivery and regulation of health care.  In Ireland Patient Focus, through advocacy, has been in the vanguard of this change.

We were set up in 1999 and established as a company limited by guarantee shortly afterwards. We have charitable status. We have 5 staff and are funded by the HSE at the rate of €216,000 per annum.

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